How Does It Work?

Advanced Insight With A Few Clicks

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We will coordinate with our network and a qualified pilot will be at your site with in 48 hours. Or you can fly on your own

Pragmatic Insight Upload

Upload your raw images and see them get transformed to advanced analytics.

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Within hours your advanced data will be available to view on Pragmatic Insight. View your spatial data and perform additional analysis; volumes, track, project management.


Why Pragmatic Insight ?


Centralized Platform

An end-to-end interface across all projects, assets and teams.



Integrated tools to calculate area and calculate volumes.


Actionable Intelligence

Automate visual analysis and inspections on your construction site using our machine learning tools


Import Data

Import any data that has been created on other platforms. SHP,DXF,DWG,GeoPDF


Manage Plans

Manage all ever changing the plans and revisions before any constructions begins. Overlay all plans to the aerial data



Share maps and plans with people outside of your organization

Contact Us for a Detailed Plan Comparison.